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When you want a personalised service, then CPL is the company to entrust with your vacancy. CPL works in partnership with customers to provide practical, cost-effective solutions to full-time and contract/temporary appointments. With many years of employing credit and financial services personnel and business development staff, you can be assured of creativity throughout the duration of the assignment.

You'll speak to someone who has a specific insight into your requirements. Unlike many agencies, we will not be sending you applicants that don't have the right experience or are not matched to the package. We won't inundate you with applications - we will only be sending individuals who we believe will fit with your environment.

CPL has an extensive database of applicants and will also advertise your vacancies free-of-charge on the web. Should you require national advertising in Credit Management or other publications we can manage this whole process for you including drafting the proofs. Due to our focus purely on the credit and financial services industry we offer competitive terms to you without risking quality of service.

Many of our clients choose not to disclose their company name to candidates at the initial advertising and interview stage, preferring to stay anonymous until the short-list is submitted. CPL has a proven track record in finding the right quality of candidates to meet our client’s objectives.

We know we are good at our business and believe we can help you to make your business better. Knowing our market ensures you get the right person for the right job at the right price.

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