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AdviceLine Terms & Conditions


In these Terms & Conditions the following definitions apply:

AdviceLine A no nonsense, plain English, practical advice line for credit practitioners available by telephone, email, letter or fax relating to enquiries on technical issues in the credit industry.

Consultant means an individual who is either employed directly by CPL or under a sub-contract to carry out work for the Client as part of an Assignment.

Client means the person, firm or corporate body together with any subsidiary or associated company as defined by the Companies Act 1985 that the Consultant is supplied or introduced to.

CPL means Credit Professionals Limited of PO Box 83, Crowborough, East Sussex TN6 1WH.

Enquiry means a request from a Client for advice from a CPL Consultant.

Unit(s) means half hour time segment(s) spent by the Consultant in answering the enquiry, currently charged at 45.00 plus VAT per half hour.


1. Consultants

  1.1 Credit Professionals Ltd (CPL) shall at all times undertake to provide skilled consultants having experience appropriate to the assignment. All consultants will be sub-contractors.

  1.2 Where particular individuals are nominated or agreed, CPL shall use its best endeavours to provide the named personnel but cannot be held responsible, under contract, from their absence through illness or other cause. In the absence of nominated individuals, CPL shall provide suitable substitutes.

2. Invoices

  2.1 Invoices will be raised once the enquiry has been responded to are payable fourteen days from invoice date.

  2.2 Interest and compensation on overdue accounts will be charged in accordance with the provisions of The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. Payment of all charges within terms is of the essence.

3. Liability

  3.1 Whilst CPL shall seek at all times to provide competent consultants for the assignment, it accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or compensation arising out of any of the acts, omissions or advice arising from the assignment. Any expressed views or recommendations should be reviewed by the client's senior management and, only if felt appropriate, should they be implemented. Thereafter, the client should ensure close monitoring of the new procedures to ensure that the desired result is being achieved.

  3.2 In the event of a dispute arising under the agreement herein, the dispute if not agreed within two months, is to be resolved by arbitration. The parties shall agree the appointment of an Arbitrator, failing this the appointment of an Arbitrator is to be made by the person who is at the time being the President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. The decision made by the Arbitrator is to be binding on the parties and the costs of arbitration are to be borne equally by the parties.

  3.3 Any disputes regarding this contract shall be resolved according to English Law and the Courts of England & Wales shall have sole jurisdiction subject to the arbitration provisions above to try disputes. The parties further agree that any dispute subject to arbitration clauses shall so far as the financial criteria permit take place at the Tunbridge Wells County Court.

4. Copyright & Confidentiality

  4.1 It is agreed that any information recorded on paper or electronically provided by CPL is deemed to be the copyright of CPL and the client shall not breach such copyright. All documents and advice will be kept by the Client only for their own internal use.

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