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A no nonsense, plain English, practical adviceline for credit practitioners available by telephone, email, letter or fax, whichever suits you.

This unique Adviceline on technical matters relating to consumer credit related law is provided by CPLs consultant, Anthony Sharp, who has had eighteen years of servicing advicelines. His preference is advising over the telephone as queries can be more fully discussed and understood by learning the full background to the problem.

He is a strong believer in providing technical advice in very plain language on practical everyday issues that front line staff in new business or collections and litigation experience every day, but may not have that immediate access to.

Charges are made in half-hour units costing 45 plus VAT and billed in accordance with our Standard Terms & Conditions. CPL accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or compensation arising out of any of the acts, omissions or advice arising from the advice given. Any expressed views or recommendations should be reviewed by the client's senior management and, only if felt appropriate, should they be implemented. Thereafter, the client should ensure close monitoring of the new procedures to ensure that the desired result is being achieved.

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