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Debt Recovery services

There are many companies that claim they can collect your overdue debts. But, how do you know they will:
  • Reflect your company’s image and act ethically at all times?
  • Understand your business ethos and balance this with the need to recover the debts?
  • Employ staff that are properly qualified and understand the laws relating to debt recovery?
CPL takes a new and totally refreshing approach to commercial debt recovery. We only employ experienced senior managers to collect your accounts. We work in a virtual environment – each manager accesses our centralised IT infrastructure from their home base – we do not bring them together into a collections department, preferring to spend our investment in leading-edge computer technology and an integrated telephony system. Once logged in to the network the Manager can accept and make telephone chase calls, generate letters and all forms of communications to debtors, clients and our third party tracing agencies.

We have developed our own in-house debt recovery software and load client’s new instructions electronically [received primarily on Excel spreadsheets]. A routine is run to verify whether we have a match against an existing or past debt that could influence how the debt will be pursued. Generally, we will have agreed with the client that our collection strategy will consist of an initial letter introducing our involvement in the collection process to the debtor followed swiftly by a telephone call. All special instructions can be accommodated within the system that contains a powerful diary system and extensive supervisory tools. On very large debts we are prepared to make appointments to visit the debtor and mediate a settlement. The visit is charged by way of a consultancy fee for our time involvement plus travel expenses.

The utilisation of senior managers allows a much more intuitive approach to pursuing each individual debt. No two debts are alike and Managers will use their guile and experience to maximise recoveries. Constant communications with clients ensure that they are aware of progress and any issues arising from the work. A comprehensive End of Collection Cycle report is issued mapping out the results on each debt under our care.

Credit Professionals are members of The Credit Services Association and abide by their code of ethics.

Where it is felt that legal action should be introduced to recover a particularly difficult debt we have seamless integration into our solicitor’s computerised systems and can move swiftly to carry out your wishes. We have a very close relationship with Lovetts plc, solicitors in Guildford through our Chairman, Trevor Phillips, who has acted for the last 5 years as their Director of Marketing and Sales on a non-executive part-time basis. Careful consideration will be given before recommending legal action to you – far too many cases end in failure due to lack of knowledge of the debtor’s financial circumstances or whereabouts. Taking out a fresh credit report at this stage is a vital aspect to analysing the likelihood of success on this can be carried out through our online credit information providers on this site.

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CPL’s Terms & Conditions for Debt Recovery
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